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Last time I was in London I found a restaurant that my father would have been delighted to frequent: the Tincan. It´s based solely on the world of high quality seafood preserved in tin cans. Its owners are members of the study of British architecture, AL_A. And after months on a project in Lisbon they discovered a small bar that served only preserves. Customers consumed their contents on the beach, accompanied by a cold beer. These owners of Tincan decided to do the same by adding a key ingredient: sophistication.

Tincan is serving only the finest tinned seafood from around the world in London. And there’s no kitchen. Just a healthy menu of 30 exceptional delicacies and the extraordinary graphics of the humble tin taking centre-stage.

Then back in Barcelona I did some research. And I found that this fashion and concept have already aroused the curiosity of many food enthusiasts. Therefore some restaurants in the city have been following suit. Although, this latest gourmet fashion has been something that the Spanish people have enjoyed all their lives. B

arcelona restaurants

Now you can find most anything in a can, from mackerel fillets to spiced sardines. And the difference is that cans have grown in size, quality and price. Or sometimes all three at the same time to reach in some cases, luxury status.

Restaurants Barcelona
Bodega 1900 Barcelona Restaurants.

So in Barcelona, one of these restaurants that has already its menus based in tin canned specialities is La Bodega 1900. This is an old fashion Vermuteria owned by the famous chef Albert Adria. He specially elaborates for the restaurant a selection of delicious cans from Andalucia, under the name of La Cala. So you can start with a Vermouth with fine and crispy chips. Then follow with Anchovies from Cadiz, homemade pickled mussels, Boquerones in vinegar, Iberian ham Joselito and a divine cheese from Andalucia. Simply delicious.

Another Barcelona restaurant choice in the city is the classic Quimet Quimet. A typical cellar that is a must to discover the essence of the classic spanish appetizer. Four generations of Quimets have sought to offer the best in small doses, like their famous sandwiches and tapas. A great ambience, waiters deal with only two tables and a bar always full. It is here where the most popular delicacy are the skewers, all prepared from canned foods. This is a fantastic place to enjoy eating tapas. And it has a full wine, vermouth, champagne and whiskey menu. Its classic design has been recreated by others; a facade with wooden doors painted red english, steel bar and wooden shelves to the ceiling filled with bottles. It is a Barcelona gem.

Barcelona restaurants
Bastaix, at Borne area.

Bastaix is another cozy Wine Bar where cans are queens. It´s located next to the beautiful Santa Maria del Mar cathedral in Borne área. This lovely place with an open view to the catedral. It´s a good choice to eat simple delicious tapas made from high quality cans, such as a Coca with smoked sardines, Cantabrian anchovies, pickled mussels, clams and razors shells and Galician style Octopus.


Particularly, the Bonito del Norte is my favorite, which goes well with a traditional catalan “Pa amb tomáque”. (toasted bread spread with tomato).  Then I´ll choose the anchovies, with a slice of fresh tomato, fresh pepper, all spread over a toast of delicious brown bread.

This selection is just a little simple of delicious Barcelona restaurants. So join us in Barcelona to pop open a tin can of your liking and enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine on a warm summer afternoon or a cold winter night.


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