Annual Mille Miglia Race

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May 18, 2021 @ 8:00 am – May 21, 2021 @ 11:45 pm
Mille Miglia
Brescia BS

The Annual Mille Miglia Race is upon us!


Annual Mille Miglia Race
Annual Mille Miglia Race

As usual, the Annual Mille Miglia Race is designed along the magical scenery of Italian territory.  It runs from Brescia, to Rome, and then back again. All the beautiful elements of this sport and what surrounds it is combined with the history, nature and art of this wonderful country.


There is an old motto that says fuel rather than blood flows through the veins of the people who come from Brescia.  The annual Mille Miglia Race is a yearly reminder of this motto.


Bresciano’ innate passion for racing had already come alive in the city by the end of the nineteenth century. From 1895 to 1898 three motor racing competitions had taken place.  By 1899 that number had gone up to a good twenty races.  The first appearance of a race car in the Brescian territory came about on March 14,1899. It was during the Verona-Mantua-Brescia-Verona race, when Ettore Bugatti won, driving his Prinetti & Stucco three-wheeler vehicle.  Although the Brescians were involved in the organization of this Veronese race, they really wanted a race of their own.


They therefore decided to organize two races immediately. The first of which took place on September 10, 1899, and the second on the following day.  That Sunday, Brescia held the first-ever “Speed Race”, a 6 km automobile race on the ring road of the city, in addition to a motorcycle race. On the following Monday, the Brescia- Mantua-Verona-Brescia 223 km race began.  It was not a coincidence that Brescia founded six automobile manufacturers in the early twentieth century, another indication of their vocation for motoring.


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