Ibiza 5 days Itinerary

I was a little skeptical with my first trip to Ibiza.  I had heard so much about Ibiza being just for partying.  Well, let’s face it, It is a lot about partying. But it is so much more, and when you go dictates how much more you can get out of it.  Beyond the clubbing, there is local folklore, cuisine, quintessential towns, and an abundance of nature that will stimulate the senses for all.  And of course the beaches.  If it weren’t for the fact that I am writing about them, I would say there are no words to describe their beauty. Before starting with an ideal breakdown of things to do in Ibiza, where to stay in Ibiza, and where to eat in Ibiza, and the best beaches of Ibiza, let’s start with the basics, such as the best days to visit Ibiza, how to get around, and overall costs to stay and eat in Ibiza.

When to visit Ibiza if you are going for the clubs (Ushuaïa, Hï, and Amnesia to name a few):

  • July through September and parts of October depending on the weather.  The clubs begin to open on the weekends in June but the real party scene begins in July. 

When to visit Ibiza if you are going for the beach, warm weather, and want to avoid the crowds at all costs:

  • April (depending on the year), May and June – the water is not warm however (average of 19 degrees)
  • End September and October, if the weather is on the warm side.  Usually the clubs are dying down, the party scene is winding down, and now the weather is still warm AND the water is warm.  This is the ideal time to visit. 

How to get to Ibiza:

  • The ideal, fastest  way is by flight.  We recommend Booking.com to build your flights and hotels. 

Approximate cost for 5 days in Ibiza (for two people, euros) on average low end 2000 total, on the high end 4500 total (assuming car rental both instances):

  • Flights range anywhere from 150 to 250 roundtrip from Barcelona, per person. 
  • Hotel ranges anywhere from 150 to 450 per night
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can cost anywhere from 50 to 100 per person daily
  • Renting a scooter in Ibiza will cost approximately 35 per day (including insurance)
  • Renting a car in Ibiza will cost approximately 100 to 150 per day (including insurance)

Day 1 – Dalt Vila Ibiza

  • Where to stay in Ibiza:
    • Apartamentos Mar y Playa.  This was a wonderful apartment type hotel, with a kitchenette and balcony.  Perfect to do some small cooking for 5 days, close to the city center without it being too close, right on the water for a great view.  It had a small pool, a wonderful breakfast, and a gym option if you are up for it.  The price was around 150 per night.
  • Where to eat in Ibiza:
    • Magnus Playa Bistro.  This was close to the hotel, right on the water.  It was not too touristy, and the food was of good quality, and not too expensive.  
  • What to do in Ibiza:
    • Explore Dalt Vila, the fortified old town of Ibiza. Since it was day one we decided to take a stroll up to the Catedral de la Virgen de las Nieves.  Wonderful views and cozy streets, but keep in mind you need to be in good shape as this part of the city is in high elevation. Calle Esperanza is a must see, and pop into the Pastas de las Monjas de Dalt Vila (Canonesas Agustinas) for a great sweet treat; they sell delicious  cocarrois, empanadas de carne, coca de plátano, coca de zanahoria, coca de san cristóbal, coca de chocolate y coca de cuarto.  We were lucky enough to visit in the second week of May, in which the The Medieval Fair takes place every year!
    • Of course even on day one  you need to go to the beach! Our first experience is Platja de Las Salinas (Ses Salines);  the water is shallow, clear crystal blue, and irresistible.  You can rent umbrellas and chairs for a total of 30 euro as well.  Beware, some of the nearby restaurants on the water are extremely expensive (ask for a menu with prices before ordering). The ride from the hotel costs approximately 10 to 15 euros. 

Day 2  – Formentera 

  • How to get to Formentera: You don’t need to organize anything; inquire with your hotel concierge which days and time the boat leaves and returns and purchase the tickets directly with them.  Our hotel was located right in front of where you embark on the boat, well situated.  The company was Formentera Sea Tours, they offer drinks and snacks on board and it takes approximately 1 hour to arrive in Formentera.  
  • Where to rent a car or scooter in Formentera:
    • You can even rent a car or scooter while on board if you haven’t done so already. 
    • Or right outside of the hotel, where the boat docked, there was a woman set up with a desk, paid around 55 euro per day, then if you want to increase the amount of insurance to the maximum, it will cost another 15 euro. 
    • Or when you get off the boat, there are a plethora of rental agencies along the marina walk
  • What to do in Formentera:
    • A must see, especially if you don’t want to explore too far from the Marina where you are dropped off, are the beaches of  Platja de Ses Illetes and Platja de Llevant.  You need a car to get there, and you follow the dirt road until it ends. There are few places to rent umbrellas but they are small, so bring an umbrella as the wonderful white sands of Formentera make for taking a lot of sun! 
    • On your way to the east side of the island stop and take a dip at Calo des Mort (hidden gem of a beach unknown to most tourists).  Head furthest east and visit Far de la Mola (lighthouse)
    • If you’re on the adventurous side, and want to get away from the crowds, head to Es Ca Mari.  The nudist beach is hidden away, private, and the water is pristine.  
    • Quaint town worth the visit is  Sant Francesc Xavier.  It is also the capital of Formentera.  Great shopping, local pastry shops and ceramics, and something different to do if you’re not up for the beach. The most important landmark is the parish church; the austere appearance of the building is due to the fact that it was designed as a defensive fortress, as well as a church.
  • Where to eat in Formentera:
    • Es Molí de Sal or Es Ministre.  Both are close to Platja de Ses Illetes and Platja de Llevant. They offer top notch food, incredible atmosphere right on the beach, and an experience you will never forget.  But be prepared, you will pay double what you pay normally in Spain. 
    • Es Ca Mari has a great restaurant overlooking the water; well priced, hidden away from the tourists, and excellent local cuisine. 
  • Where to stay in Formentera:
    • Riu La Mola is a great hide away; it is located only 300 meters from the beach Es Cupina and offers all the luxury of a romantic or family getaway.  

Day 3  – Exploring the North of Ibiza

  • Tips on renting a car in Ibiza
    • Like the tickets for the boat to Formentera, you can speak to the concierge at the hotel, but you are probably going to pay a slightly higher price to rent a car.  Renting a car in Ibiza is easy and they are a dime a dozen; if you pay an additional fee for full insurance, you will pay around 80 – 100 euro per day.  
    • Make sure you have your driver’s license, passport, and credit card. 
    • At many of the beaches you can park for free, and when you do need to pay a meter, it’s a relatively low cost (couple of euros for several hours)
    • Most cars are manual stick shifts!!! Make sure you know which one you’re getting.
  • What to see in the East and North of Ibiza
    • Explore Sant Eulalia for its seafront promenade and picturesque, palm tree laden boardwalk. Stroll Passeig del Riu (where the only river in the Balearics runs into the sea) and Pont Vell, places of tranquility and nature.  A pretty, peaceful river-walk takes you to an old stone bridge from the 18th century, leading to the little beach of Calo de S’Alga at the neighborhood of Siesta with its small-village atmosphere. Finally, end the day exploring the Iglesia de Santa Eularia (Puig de Missa) – was one of the four fortress temples that were erected on the island as protection against attacks by the Turkish and North Africans.  After the Christian reconquest of the island, in 1235, a temple was built on the hill, the oldest records of which date back to 1302. This construction collapsed after a corsair raid in the 16th century, for which reason it was decided to create a new church already with the characteristics of a fortified enclosure. Some researchers even defend the theory that its design was carried out by the Italian engineer Giovanni Bastista Calvi, responsible for the construction of the bastioned walls of the capital.  
    • At the highest point north is Portinatx.  This gem of a place is known for being reinvented during the hippie years of the 1970s, and to this day still lives those hippie vibes.  Once here you have to explore its wonderful hidden beach coves, such as:
      • Cala Portinatx
      • Cala Xarraca
      • Cala de S’Arenal Petit
      • Cala de S’Arenal Gros
  • Where to eat in the North of Ibiza
    • You can’t miss Los Enamorados while in Portinatx. Aside from its sublime garden, overlooking the ocean views, this restaurant boasts an eclectic and exotic menu and decor, full of organic, local, fresh cuisine, with a twist of Mexican flare.  It is worth the drive up if only to explore this restaurant / bed and breakfast.  Don’t just show up, you’ll need a reservation to eat here.
  • Where to stay in North Ibiza
    • Offering an outdoor pool and a free spa with sauna and hot tub, Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort – Adults Only is located in Portinatx, just off the beach.

Day 4  – Exploring the West Coast of Ibiza Sant Antoni de Portmany

  • What to see on the West Coast of Ibiza
    • Beaches, Beaches, Beaches.  Must see:
      • Cala Salada
      • Cala Tarida
      • Platges de Comte
      • Cala Bassa
      • Cala D’Hort
      • Cala Conta
    • One of the most iconic places to visit this side of Ibiza is the Sunset Ashram.  Whether you’re up to sipping a cocktail in the sun under the beach umbrellas, or want to take in the turquoise water views and pristine sands, Cala Conta is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza, with a horizon dotted with islands and an unforgettable sunset. This place is great to relax, enjoy some light fare, and great music. 
  • Where to eat on the West Coast of Ibiza
    • If the pristine sandy beach isn’t enough to lure you to this area, Ses Eufabies and its unforgettable sunset dining will be. We enjoyed the best seat in the restaurant, technically outside of the restaurant, with the sand at our toes and the sunset in view. 
    • I have had paella all over Spain, but never have I enjoyed it as much as at Cala D’Hort.  The rice was cooked perfectly, full of fresh seafood, and perfectly combined with an Aperol Spritz after a long day in the sun.  Overlooking the sunset and pristine waters of Cala D’Hort, it is pure bliss. 
    • If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue and restaurant, you can’t beat Cas Milá. Cas Milá is located on the beachfront with privileged views of Cala Tarida, one of the most spectacular beaches in Ibiza. This restaurant can host up to 200 people, ideal for all kinds of celebrations and events. 
  • Where to stay on the West Coast of Ibiza
    • In Cala Carbo’ there is a wonderful, adults only boutique hotel named Petunia, located 550 meters from the beach. It boasts sea views, a gorgeous garden, and is perfect for a romantic getaway. 

Day 5 – Exploring Old Town Ibiza

  • What to see in Ibiza Old Town.
    • This was a perfect day to stroll, lazily, throughout the old town of Ibiza, which really does warrant being dedicated to this quaint town. Don’t miss the Mercat Vell, a wonderful opportunity to pick some fresh local produce; this “old market” has been the meeting point for locals to meet, shop, and gossip for centuries.  
    • Dedicate some more time to really explore the Dalt Vila, which was founded 2,500 years ago. We didn’t even see a third of the area on the first day.  In the local museums you can see the remains from the different periods of the island’s history, left by the Arabs, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. For the history buffs out there, I highly recommend the Necropolis del Puig des Molins and the Madina Yabisa Interpretation Centre. Both of these museums were free. 
    • Around the port there are bricked streets and charming white houses. Don’t miss the Vera de Ray promenade with the stunning houses dating back to the beginning of the previous century.   Between the Vera de Ray and the parallel Avenida Bartolomé street you’ll find great shops. 
    • You can’t leave this area without exploring the exclusive Marina Botafoch. This area is adorned with modern, colorful buildings, which give a particular charm to Peseo Juan Carlos. This area is known to most celebrities and full of restaurants and nightclubs. 
  • Where to dine in downtown Ibiza.
    • On our way to Formentera, I was fortunate enough to strike up a conversation with a handsome Neapolitan, who happens also to own a restaurant on the hippest street of the old town.  El Passadis is located on Calle de la Virgen; the restaurant boasts the same quaint feeling of the entire cobblestone street.  Here you can enjoy some great Mediterranean fare, with the influence of the undeniable exquisite Neapolitan cuisine. 
    • Downtown Ibiza is also known for its very active gay nightlife scene.  Don’t miss out on great people watching while having a drink at Bar Monalisa
  • Where to stay in downtown Ibiza
    • If you want to stay close to the old town center, Hotel La Torre del Canonigo is the place to be.  Located on Ibiza Town’s Dalt Vila Hill, this hotel offers fantastic views of the sea, port and town.  La Torre del Canónigo is built on the grounds of the city’s Roman acropolis within a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I have been asked if 5 days is enough in Ibiza? 

I can tell you from experience, that whether you are jumping on a plane from Barcelona for 50 minutes to spend the weekend, or spending 5 days in Ibiza, any moment, every moment, is worth the trip.  I think the thing that takes you most by surprise is how magical this island is; give her a chance and this island will not disappoint you.  

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