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Loving Ibiza

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What I love about Ibiza is definitively far from the party-hard reputation of the island. We can define this by the packed discos, such as Amnesia and Pacha, where DJs spin electronic music until 8 am. And paparazzi camouflage themselves to shoot the rich and famous lounging on their yachts.


The other side of Ibiza is a place of spectacular beauty and undeveloped countryside. So the nightlife and glamour are such a small sliver of its heartbeat. The Ibiza I know is a place of pristine secluded beaches. Unassuming seafood shacks serving exceptional meals, a verdant landscape dotted with tiny villages. And a population of proud residents exuding warmth and welcome.


Already landing at the airport is like landing in paradise. No exaggeration. The medieval Dalt Vila is a collection of winding streets encased in 16th-century walls.Philip II of Spain ordered to built the city to protect the town from Berber attack. The walls are a prime display of Renaissance architecture and have been a Unesco World Heritage site since 1999.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that you’ll need a car if you want to tour the island. This will take around one hour from start to finish. The beautiful part of touring an island like Ibiza it that all trips come to the same end – facing the sea.

Perhaps the hardest decision you will have to make is how to spend your time just relaxing. And then which incredible restaurant to explore. Dining on the beach is quite a treat. And even the less able will enjoy this, as Ibiza has taken the concept of seaside bars to a whole different level. Here are some recommendations:

At Sa Caleta, you can dine, any day of the year. Specially relevant, with a stunning view of this small cove protected by the cliff. Try the built peix and fideua, and raors espardenyas. For homemade desserts, the delicious Flaó that is a round cake made with eggs, soft cheese and wild peppermint. Which together with the greixonera (a pudding) and the orelletes (cookies), are part of the culinary tradition of Ibiza and Formentera. And they are a must. Don’t forget the steaming coffee Caleta, with brandy, rum, sugar and lemon peels. Simply a delight.

Another beautiful place where you can eat is in front of the mythical island of Es Vedra. They say a paranormal energy radiates from the island. And they say is part of a magic triangle where pigeons lose their sense of direction. “Some say they have seen UFOs there, but I’ve only seen many Martians” said one villager. Ca na Vergera is a great spot with a fantastic terrace. For more earthly suggestions, El Carmen restaurant in Cala d’Hort has a magnificent view of the magical island. You can enjoy this, tasting fish dishes and rice. And our last recommendation for fresh fish and rice dishes is The S’Illa des Bosc restaurant. This is located on the beautiful Cala Conta. That boasts one of the best sunsets in Ibiza. Such beauty inspired the famous CD collection of Cafe del Mar.

Similarly, the Beso Beach, is a seaside bar and restaurant on Formentera. Your not to be missed crossing. This is Ibiza’s smaller sister island. And accessible only by boat. The trip takes 20 to 30-minute ride from Ibiza. Beso Beach is located in the beach of Cavall d´en Borràs in the middle of  the Natural Park of Ses Salines. This spot is a typical chiringuito, which has been in vogue since 2012. About It is Important to say that is expensive, the music is loud, but the kitchen is very good.


Then back in Ibiza, for those who love the countryside, take a trip to Santa Gertrudis. Where you can savor the rural Ibiza in Can Caus. This spot is a large restaurant that is part of a company dedicated to traditional products. Since they recover, product and market  traditional products ibicencos. The vegetables are from the garden and the lamb is raised on the farm. So they give a new meaning to the term “locally grown”. The rabbit is delicious and for dessert try the flan fresh goat’s milk. The restaurant is open all year long. And it has spacious landscaped terraces ideal for the hotter months and an indoor room with fireplace for winter. In addition, the adjoining store they sell butifarrón, stuffed belly, batafaluga sobrasada and goat cheese. And finally the famous Hierbas Ibicencas liquor from Ibiza, another must.


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