South Europe Travel – Bespoke Itineraries in Europe was established in 2014 by three business partners as a travel company based in Barcelona and Rome. South Europe Travel specializes in Bespoke Itineraries in Europe and Travel Consulting Services. It helps clients seeking guidance and assistance on their journey in Europe, and beyond.


Our Founders

Two of our partners have 15 years experienced in the Tourism Industry, Travel Consulting, and Public Relations. While the other has extensive experience in the Financial and Business Analysis sector. Also we are excellent strategists and we have an unrivaled knowledge of how the travel market operates from a customized perspective. We have lived in many different countries – France, Chile, Spain, United States, Italy, Australia, and India, to name a few. And we speak different languages; Spanish, Italian, English, and French. So our heritage is as vast as the countries we come from and have lived in. Also this unique overview enables us to offer strategic advice when impartial and external guidance is sought.


Our Mission

Our mission is to use our creative, expert, quality, passionate, and committed driven team to design unforgettable and authentic travel and event bespoke itineraries in Europe, based entirely on our clients’ personal interests, needs, and requests. And our determination is to offer clients honest and excellent first hand advice and organizational skills regarding European travel and event planning.


We have a strong network of partners and great professionals. And our flexible services allow us to offer as little or as much involvement in organizing any trip or event, depending on every customer’s needs.

In addition, we live between Spain, France, and Italy. And most of all these countries are our stomping grounds. Since we walk their streets every day and know them very well. Therefore this allows us to discover new hidden treasures that we can then share with you and helps us streamline your travel and event needs.


Also we have a passion for life, for travel, for unique experiences, and for sharing it with you. So our bespoke itineraries in Europe will give you an unforgettable experience.


Laura D’Avanzo, Stephanie Guerrero & Viviana Pizarro.

South Europe Travel Founders.

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