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Apartment Rental Rome

Rome center city apartment rentals – South Europe Travel knows where to send you to guarantee that all your expectations are met. 


When people visit Rome, Italy, accommodation is often the most confusing and costly logistic to address.  People often know what they want, such as great location, best deal, clean, safe, comfortable, breakfast included, close to attractions, close to transportation, quiet, etc.  But when it comes to putting those ideals into action and actually finding a place with all those attributes, well, let’s just say most people fall short.  It’s understandable.  Most people find what they think meets their expectations, only to be sorely disappointed when their plane lands and they reach their accommodation after a long flight only to find that the perfect location with a view was really a view of a brick wall, close to everything means you need to take 2 buses and a metro ride to get to the city center, and “safe” meant the apartment had 5 locks and was located right across from the Police Station.  Been there; it’s a frustrating, disappointing, and often a costly let down.  

As luck would have it, we know Rome like the back of ours hands and we make it a point not to be unpleasantly surprised by things like expensive and “tourist trap” restaurants, unreliable transportation, closed museums, and accommodations that don’t live up to their expectations.  Residing in this city and speaking the language is essential in the travel industry and as a travel and event planner; it affords you the ability to venture out and explore, research, and discover new places to stay, to eat, to see, and to experience every day.   

Most importantly for us, living in Rome means knowing the right people who render exceptional quality services and remove the guesswork and disappointments from the travel industry; in particular, accommodations and Rome center city apartment rentals.  Steeped in the center city of Rome, steps away from the majestic Piazza Navona, Campo dei FioriPantheon, and il Chiostro del Bramante, tucked away on a secluded narrow street, you’ll find three special apartments that offer our clients the perfect location, privacy, 5 Star accommodations, and an unbeatable price.  Click here (link to apartment description page) to find out more

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