Sicilian Archaeology – A Historical Adventure

An Archaelogical Journey

For those who call New York a cultural melting pot, they haven’t been to Sicily. Due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea, the Greeks, Romans, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, and Arabs all left a cultural and archeological footprint. Our Bespoke Itineraries in Sicily allows you to explore the wonderful archaeological history these cultures left behind.

At Sicily, Italy

This trip will take you coast to coast in the beautiful island of Sicily, south of Italy; you’ll traverse Baroque cities, mountainous hilltops, ancient temples and villas, and colorful salt beds to discover and explore the hidden secrets of your archeological destinations.

Ideal trip duration 2 weeks

While there is much terrain to cross and approximately 8 cities to explore, we can shorten and customize your trip to suit your needs.

You choose, a 5 Stars Hotel or a romantic B&B

Our clients will choose from a select variety of accommodation needs. Do your travel adventure expectations include a stay in a historical and opulent 5 star hotel, frequented by the Sicilian aristocracy since the 1800’s; or perhaps a quaint, upscale B&B in the middle of it all? Tell us your travel needs, and we’ll exceed them.

Our To Do List

You won’t have a lot of free time on your hands while exploring the archeological delights we have planned for you. But for those of you who need a break from your itinerary, a walk on the beach, a therapeutic visit to the terme, or a romantic stroll through city centers, no worries – let us know your thoughts and needs, and we’ll plan the perfect diversion.

And Where to Dine

During your adventure, you’re likely to get hungry. Luckily, you’re in the right place. We are experts in gastronomic affairs in Sicily and we’ll share our secrets on the best place for an authentic plate of Pasta alla Norma, mouthwatering Street Food, a fine D.O.C. wine, or perhaps an irresistible canoli. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a canoli in Sicily!

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