Day Trip Outside Rome


A Day Trip Outside of Rome to Escape the Summer Heat!

Just outside the walls of Rome and its surroundings, heading due north on the Auto Strada A1, there is a wonderland of fun, adventure, culture, and history awaiting exploration.   All you need is a rental car (the cost of a European rental car is quite reasonable), a map (or a cell phone with a data plan to access European road maps, or TomTom in your European rental car), the love of the open road (and a bit of courage, Italians like to drive fast), and one full day away from Rome.  This day trip outside of Rome can be a welcome retreat from the bustling streets of the ancient city.


Comune di Viterbo

Our Day Trip Outside of Rome takes us through the woods of Bomarzo, the dying city of Civita di Bagnoregio, the romantic sleepy lake-side town of Bolsena, and ending in the medieval, once Papal residency of Montefiascone.  All these wonderful places make up Viterbo, an ancient city and commune in the Lazio region of central Italy.


For 1 to 3 Days

While this is “Our Day Trip Outside of Rome” tour, it can easily be extended to several days, especially if you give yourself a treat at the nearby Terme dei PapiThis tour is great to escape the summer heat of Rome, though anytime from April through November is a great time to visit this area.


You choose, a 5 Stars Hotel or a Cozy B&B overlooking a mountain valley

Our clients will choose from a select variety of accommodation needs. Are you looking for a 5-star hotel offering warm spring baths and luxurious amenities? Or perhaps you prefer a fully furnished romantic apartment with breathtaking mountain valley views and a private terrace?  Or maybe you’re on a budget and need somewhere affordable for the whole family?  We know where to send you on your Day Trip Outside of Rome; you choose, we’ll make it happen.


Our To Do List

Your Day Trip Outside of Rome will have you busy enjoying sacred woods, revitalized medieval towns, local markets boasting fresh and irresistible produce, partaking in cultural, gastronomical, and historical sagre, strolling hand in hand down the lake promenade, and ending your trip sipping on the most wonderful wine of the region, Est, Est, Est.  And if none of this sounds appealing, then tell us your likes, and we’ll make it happen.


And Where to Dine

On your day trip outside of Rome, you will find that there are few, but fundamental ingredients that are essential to gastronomy throughout the region of Viterbo – simplicity, fresh fare, and authenticity. Viterbo is mostly countryside, so economic conditions and weather play a key role in their recipes, rendering gastronomic delights such as Zuppa di Ceci e Castagne (garbanzos and chestnuts), Acquacotta (vegetable and stale bread based soup), Pangiallo (Italian version of fruit cake), and Pignattaccia (meat stew).  Want to know where to go to experience the “authentic” Viterbese cuisine?  Let South Europe Travel pave the way with our Day Trip Outside of Rome Tour.


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