Lisboa, a Western Europe Tour

A Western European Tour

While exploring the old city of Lisbon and its great placement, its fascinating history and people are also part of this interesting tour throughout Western Europe. This tour will help you discover the wonderful idiosyncrasies of its people, an endless enjoyment of delicious gastronomy, and a bespoke itinerary crafted for you to experience the precious Portuguese way.


At Lisboa, Portugal

Lisboa, nestled in the hills, lies in the western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the River Tajo, and is the capital and largest city of Portugal. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and one of the largest ports in Europe. Lisboa enjoys a Mediterranean climate and it has the warmest winters among all the metropolis in Europe.


From 4 to 7 days

This tour is beautiful during the whole year and includes 3 to 6 travel locations, which can be adjusted to suit client preferences.


Accomodations from a 4 star Hotel to a private apartment

You will be able to choose a beautifully designed hotel, with a delightful terrace and views of the river in the heart of Lisboa, or a private and comfortable apartment in the best neighborhoods of the city. Tell us your needs, we’ll make it happen.


Our To Do List

Lisboa is a great sensation, over the hills and far away. Lisboa is a feeling of open views, fresh air and history. Our To Do List is full of delicious gastronomy, tastings of divine vinho verde (green wine/ young wine), hidden spots in old neighborhoods, sacred places, sweet pastry shops with secret ingredients, trips to the past on tramways, Fado music, dance, bars, and the vanguard.  We have the key to unlock its doors.


And Where to Dine

Lisboa has a plethora of delicious restaurants, all with great locations, from the city center to the hills and the Tajo River. Portugal has flavorful ingredients and a delectable cuisine, which results in a wonderful gastronomic experience. Bacalhau (cod) is the star component in Lisboa, used creatively in a variety of dishes, as a main plate or in sauces, croquettes, and creams. A creamy Arroz con polvo (rice with octopus) is an irresistible dish that can be sampled in many restaurants. And you can’t forget “Sardinhas”, fresh sardines, charcoal grilled.  Of course you accompany all these dishes with the traditional vinho verde.  It is pure heaven.

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