Rome Street Art Tour

Rome Street Art Tour

While Rome never fails to satisfy the needs of those searching for historical, archeological, and cultural exploration, there is an underground culture to Rome that chooses to celebrate Roman and Italian life, history, and current challenges through the venue of Street Art. Join us in a street art tour that will open your mind to a Rome you thought you knew, but have yet to discover.

In Rome, Italy

This tour brings you to Rome, located in the central-western portion of Italy and home to the Jubilee and the Vatican City.

For 3 to 5 Days

This adventure is ideal from April to November and includes 3-5 travel locations, which can be adjusted to suit client preferences.

You choose, an Artistic Hotel, B&B, or Private Apartment

Our clients will choose from a select variety of accommodation needs. Whether you’re looking for a centrally located 4 Star Hotel, with a contemporary art motif, or a private apartment tucked away on the quiet streets of the Roman suburbs, we have access and first hand knowledge of the best accommodation Rome has to offer.

Our To Do List

While we can also squeeze time into your itinerary to window shop on Via Dei Condotti, visit the endless list of museums and churches, or sip on “un café” at Canova in Piazza Del Popolo, our Street Art tour has you exploring hidden streets and sidewalks of our lesser known neighborhoods with the aim to discover great artists such as JB Rock, Blue, and Diavù, who convey images, emotions and ideas into the memory and identity of a territory, with the use of a contemporary visual language.

And Where to Dine

Roman cuisine is based on seasonal ingredients, mostly from the surrounding countryside; you haven’t lived until you have tasted an authentic amatriciana, carbonara, or cacio pepe. While this tour takes you to Rome’s back streets, it also leads you right into the underbelly of authentic Roman cuisine. We know where to send you for true artiginal beer and wine, a savory and enticing pizza, or a divine carciofi alla giudia.

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