Portugal Travel Itinerary Experience

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“…Portugal has a peaceful feel about it. I sit on the terrace overlooking the vineyard there and I feel cut off from the world. You need that sort of thing.”

(Cliff Richard)


Portugal Travel Itinerary

While this piece is all about our Portugal Travel Itinerary, I’d like to start by reminiscing about California life. My memories take me back to long, cool summer nights.  Bonfires on the Oceanside shores.  And sunsets, really warm sunsets.  Sometimes I forget how much I loved to watch the sun actually fall into the warm summer evening sky. Living on the West coast of any country affords you this luxury.


While, technically I still live on the West coast, it’s not as easy to get away from Rome. Heading to Ostia to watch the sun set requires time and patience; “California living” takes me back to so much more.  I relive coastal road trips, wine country, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco trams, and snowboarding in Big Bear (badly), to name a few wonderful memories. Mostly, I remember fresh air, open space, spectacular marine blue skies, and endless open roads begging to be travelled.


From California to Portugal


There is only one place, country, in Europe that lets me re-live those California years.  It affords so much more than my humble California could ever really offer – Portugal.  Portugal is a country offering more than most people would ever expect.  And most of all, the Portuguese, well, they truly live life to the fullest.  But don’t take our word for it.  in Lisboa, take a stroll through the neighborhood of Alfama, adorned with steep, narrow streets, rustic restaurants, and the bells of the old trams in the background. Most of all, take that stroll during the Feast of St. Anthony.  You’ll quickly catch on that here, people know how to celebrate life, food, and wine like there’s no tomorrow.


Our Portugal travel itinerary has something for everyone.  Fancy strolling through the evergreen rolling mountains of Sintra or under the deep blue untainted skies of Porto? Perhaps you want to gaze at the massive 25 de Abril Bridge of Lisbon, closely resembling San Francisco’s Golden Gate? Or you might prefer the choppy waters and long sandy stretch of Algarve beaches, much like our California beaches?  Ultimately, there is some “thing” that brings me back to my California years when I step foot in Portugal.



Portugal – An Undiscovered World


Majestic Portugal –  tucked away as the most southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula.  In addition to continental Portugal, the country includes the autonomous archipelagos of Azores and Madeira.  Her cities are adorned with majestic architecture from the 1500s to the 1800s. Portugal’s location on the Atlantic Ocean has influenced many aspects of its culture.  From cod and grilled sardines to the long sandy Algarve beaches, all aspects of Portuguese life remind you of their ties to the sea.


First of all, this is a country that boasts the oldest borders in Europe.  It has an endless range of landscapes and a unique cultural heritage that harmoniously blends tradition and modernity. Furthermore, its fine wines and humble, deep rooted people make this a sublime tourist paradise.


Still not convinced?  Need another reason no visit this unique country?… Portugal has been consistently ranked as one of the most affordable destinations in Europe.  Want to experience Portugal’s marvelous weather, unique culture, breathtaking scenery and wonderful people? Let us create a custom Portugal travel itinerary to suit YOUR needs and help you discover this magical land and all that it offers.


The Wind

If I could use one word to describe Portugal, I would call it “magical”. I think it has to do with a very simple, natural occurrence – due toPortugal  wind. You see, there is a steady wind that sweeps over Portugal from the Atlantic Ocean. Now, I’m not a lover of wind, but there are definite advantages. In fact, I believe it’s the contributing factor of Portugal’s glimmering blue skies, emerald green forests, and pleasant, cool summer evenings.  In addition, it lacks the humidity we otherwise feel in almost all of Western Europe during the summer. It’s simply refreshing.


Most of all, Portugal makes good use of its natural resource. According to the Portuguese renewable energy association, in 2015 wind provided 22% of electricity, while all renewable sources provided 48%. In fact, in early May of this year Portugal kept its lights on with renewable energy alone for four consecutive days, marking a milestone in the clean energy sector.


Hence, whether it’s wind, bustling cities, sunsets, forests, beaches, or Vinho Verde you’re yearning for, a Portugal travel itinerary offers something for everyone in the family.


Want to know more…….?

Want to know more about our Portugal travel itinerary? Planning on traveling to Europe?  What to know more about personalized guided tours on history, architecture, and design?  Or are you more about wine, sacred places, art, and gastronomy? Whether you’re looking for simple suggestions on where to eat, how to move around, and what to see, or if you need hour by hour organization of a 2 week guided trip throughout Europe and yearning to experience Europe like a local, we have the creativity, knowledge, and organizational skills to plan your every detail. In addition to being local, we speak multiple languages.  Mostly, we are enthusiastic, responsible, and responsive, and we have 15 years worth of experience in the tourism sector.


We offer customers solutions.  Take a look at just some of the reasons you should consider using South Europe Travel to plan your next European vacation:


Experience Europe like a local

  • We create customer travel and event itineraries for people seeking to experience an authentic Europe.  To know a culture and to have a life changing experience includes typical tourist attractions. But an “experience” is more than simply strolling down “Las Ramblas,” visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We deliver optimum service because day to day, we live, breath and rediscover these countries.  This allows us to share their true identity, splendor, and secrets with our clients.


Expect the unexpected

  • We maximize European travel and event experiences and expectations. For example, plan on visiting Sicily and traveling throughout this cultural Mecca by car? If so, there are important details you should know.  Most of all, driving through Sicily means closed roads, velocity radars, and safety issues. Our attention to detail prepares you for these unexpected hurdles and relieves you of the stress involved in planning your event or vacation.  You should focus on your journey, not the road.


Time = $$$

  • Let’s face it – time is money. It takes approximately 8 hours a day to create an organized vacation or event day that meets and surpasses your expectations. Do you have the time, money, and expertise to do it on your own?


Get more for your $$$

  • Poor choices during your journey costs money – sometimes more money than you would have spent on hiring a travel/event consultant! A taxi driver that takes the “scenic” route, choosing the wrong, overly expensive hotel, or dining at a tourist trap can easily cost you an extra 100 to 150 euro a day.  Mostly, you’ll be sorely disappointed with your experience!


Think outside the box

  • Finally, while our goal is to cater to your European travel and event planning requests, we can also help you “think outside the box”. Utilize our knowledge, adaptability, and flexibility to create a travel or event itinerary that affords you new and unexpected experiences.  Let us help you create unforgettable memories to share with friends and family.


Please contact us at info@southeuropetravel.com should you have any questions regarding the above steps, our services, or your European travel and event plans.


Lastly, we are three women specializing in South Europe Travel. We love this region and all it has to offer and we would like to share its secrets with you.


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