Custom Travel Itineraries in South Europe Services:

As your expert travel and event planners, our goal is to design bespoke itineraries and events for those who seek unique traveling experiences in Southern Europe. We cater to those who have high needs, to the very busy, or simply to those who wish to plan their trip with an unsurpassed attention to detail and appreciate the added value of our local knowledge and experiences. Also we afford the same care in planning events. We have the capacity, expertise, and knowledge to organize all our clients’ needs.


Consultation Services:

Are you are looking for advice in planning an individualized itinerary, which cities, monuments, or museums to visit, how long to spend in each place, where to eat for an authentic meal, how to discover the secrets that make this region so special, or where to sleep and the best transportation for each day? Ask us about Consultation Services and we’ll work together to determine the best custom travel itineraries in Europe for you.


Reservation Services:

Do you need a little more assistance? In addition to the above we can organize and reserve your lodging, restaurant, car rental, taxi, museum, or concert reservations on your behalf? Ask us about Reservation Services and we’ll work together to determine if it’s the best fit for you.


Ensemble Services:

Are you too busy to read this page, need all of the above, need the freedom and flexibility to change your final itinerary at any time, need to be able to book a table at a “Michelin Star” restaurant tonight, or have special clients you need to impress? Ask us about Ensemble Services and we’ll work together to determine if it’s the best fit for you.


Our Services:

We can take care of everything (including, but not limited to):

Transportation: Reservations for Taxi or private transport, Trains, Car Rentals, Airport Shuttles, Bus, Scooter, Motorcycle, Boats, or Helicopter.

Accommodation: Hotels, Apartments, Villas, Bed and Breakfast, Hostels, or Camping.

Activities: Restaurants, Museums, Concerts, Biking, Spa and Terme, Yoga and Meditation, Equestrian, Golf, Tennis, Balloon Rides, Agriturismo, Wine Tasting, Olive Oil Plantations, Photography courses, Cooking Lessons, Clubs, Water Excursions, Language lessons, Skiing, or Trekking.

Tours: Art & Architecture, Gastronomy, Urban, History, Private, Island, or Sacred Places Tours.

Events: Bussiness meeting, lunch, dinner or conference, birthdays, weddings or any celebration party.




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