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Art, Architecture, and Design best plans in europe

As the best South Europe travel consultants, our best plans start with the essential. Nothing can rival the art, architectural and design world of Europe. Therefore, we have condensed it into unforgettable routes. We select routes relying on the origins and spirit of the Grand Tour. It had its heyday in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

The primary value of the Grand Tour, it was believed, “lay in the exposure both to the cultural legacy of classical antiquity and the Renaissance. And to the aristocratic and fashionably polite society of the European continent. Also it provided the opportunity to view specific works of art”.

So, we honor the spirit of the Grand Tour. Enriched with the modern touch of European design. Therefore we plan exclusive tours in Europe. Through France and Italy, the cradle of Art. And Spain, with its wonderful Romanesque legacy. And its extraordinary Modernist style.  Let us lead you through the modern version of the Grand Tour. With our bespoke itineraries in Europe.


Because the best way to know a country and its culture is through its food, markets and people. We absolutely love people and gastronomy. We come from families who have loved lifelong good eating. Due to mothers, fathers and grandparents experts in the preparation of exceptional cuisine. And the essence of the Mediterranean. It can be described in so many ways. Its extraordinary and sublime. Classic and traditional. Blessed with an abundance of products and irresistible recipes. And unparalleled wines and fresh markets. We really appreciate this legacy of tradition and excellence.

Tapas Spain

As a result of being local. And having vast experiences in the gastronomy of our countries. We plan delicious and dynamic gastronomic tours. Full of new experiences and flavors. Warm people and brotherhood.  Most of all, this experience affords our clients a deeper understanding of our countries and cultures.

Our bespoke itineraries include markets. Family restaurants and traditional taverns. Delicious recipes and cooking classes. Vast vineyards and native olives. And excellent products tasting. Such as aged balsamic vinegars, cheese, hams and traditional breads.


Urban Tours

Our best plans in Europe will allow you to discover each city from a different and local perspective. Therefore Our urban tours include art, architecture and history. City sights. Shopping, fashion. Street art. Markets, bars and restaurants. Put all these pieces together, and you can feel the soul of the city. You choose if you prefer to walk, bike, or drive. We’ll organize it.

Bike Tour Paris

Big cities or small towns. We know how to tour them best. Paris. Venice, Milan. Madrid, Barcelona. Menorca, Mallorca. Milan or Rome. We know what is essential in an Urban Tour in Europe. To discover perspectives you’ve never imagined before.

Our goal is to make sure you have the perfect day. When visiting any of our cities with a custom designed itinerary tailored to suit your needs.




Since cultural diversity in Europe is extensive. And is reflected in the different languages ​​and dialects spoken in each country. Same in the traditions and gastronomy. Architecture and literature. Music and mannerisms. Europe is a continent that embraces maximum cultural diversity in a minimum geographical area. Also this diversity is reflected in the artistic and cultural events. That had been performed by its peoples for centuries. We aim to preserve and promote this diversity and make it accessible to others.

Ibiza Tradition & Culture

Also, Europe is largely populated by recent immigration. And its culture has been influenced by many new groups of people. And differing religions, social habits, and musical and artistic contributions. Consequently, immigration and cultural diversity is an important part of our growth and development. Let us show you the past and present European popular culture. And share it with you in our best plans in Europe. 



Do you love nature? And want to plan a trip through the breathtaking peeks of the Dolomiti, north of Italy. Probably, ski the impressive mountains of Mont Blanc in France. Or plan a pilgrimage to the hidden treasures of Montserrat in Spain?

Gorges du Verdon

Maybe, you prefer sunbathing in the translucent waters of Formentera, Spain. Or snorkelling in La Grotta Azzurra in Italy. Or a heart pumping river rafting adventure in Lauzet Ubaye in France?

Whatever would be your personal choice. All these places have two things in common. Spectacular landscapes and the great feeling of freedom. That pure nature offers us. We love nature. Because of that, we have a collection of unique natural landscapes tours. They will bring you just a little closer to heaven while you travel Europe.


Sacred Places

The strength and energy of sacred places and objects of worship are in direct proportion to the faith and beliefs of the people who visit them. Therefore the more you open your mind and heart to a place like this, the stronger the experience will be. As well, it is said that they have the ability to heal the body. Enlighten the mind. And inspire the heart.

Segovia_ San Juan de la Cruz

In addition the culture of mystics in Europe is very strong. And people have recognized the presence of living Saints for centuries. So you can find the culture of mystics everywhere throughout Europe. Left behind by their Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim heritage. In the form of churches, tombs and synagogues. Also as museums, architecture, and mosques.

From Fatima and Assisi. To Armagh or Montserrat. Hence whatever the reason for exploring these destinations. Let us create a custom designed itinerary to satisfy your quest. Our Sacred Places Tours in Europe is a magical experience. Let us share it with you.



From your personal Private Party or Dream Wedding. To a Business or Corporate Event. From Ibiza to Formentera. Paris to Rome. Or Madrid to Barcelona. We have an extensive network to organize any kind of event in exceptional locations.  Anniversaries, family reunions or business dinners. We know the best places.

In addition we are aware of the importance of taking care of every detail.  Whether it’s an elegant gala dinner event or the perfect seaside location for your special day of tying the knot. Therefore let us take care of it all to afford your event the success it deserves. CONTACT US!


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